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Two Hits from 2010: A Look Into The Artists Behind Them RADIO Locale

Updated: May 25

Below is a look at two hit songs from 2010, as well as how the artists fared with follow-up singles. The first is the top song of the year, “Love The Way You Lie” by Eminem and Rihanna. The second is the number two song of the year, “When We Collide” by Matt Cardle. 

“Love The Way You Lie” never actually hit number one on the Weekly Singles chart, peaking instead at number two. Its longevity is what got it the top spot of the year, spending 59 weeks on the chart. The pair would go on to create another hit, “The Monster,” in 2013, which hit number one but spent 25 weeks on the Weekly Singles chart, considerably less than “Love The Way You Lie.” As for future success, Eminem has lent vocals to 34 songs on the Weekly Singles Chart since “Love The Way You Lie”, including three in 2020 alone. Rihanna has been on 41 songs that registered on the Weekly Singles Chart since “Love The Way You Lie.” Most recently comes the number 12-peaking “Believe It,” a collaboration with PARTYNEXTDOOR and first chart hit since she took a hiatus from music in late 2017. 

Matt Cardle, who won the seventh series of The X Factor, made his post-show debut with “When We Collide”. The song overall spent 13 weeks on the Weekly Singles chart, including three weeks at the top spot. Cardle did not see prolonged chart success as an artist, though. While follow-up single “Run For Your Life” peaked at number six, it only spent five weeks on the Weekly Singles chart. After two low-performing singles, Cardle’s most recent entry is the self-released “Loving You,” a duet with Mel C from 2013 which spent three weeks on the Weekly Singles chart, peaking at number 14. He has continued to make music, with 2018’s “Time To Be Alive” spending its sole week on the Albums chart at number 28. RADIO Locale