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The Newfound Success of Lewis Capaldi RADIO Locale

Updated: May 25

Lewis Capaldi, singer of number one hits “Someone You Loved” and “Before You Go”, was not an overnight success. In fact, his label pushed many singles: “Lost On You”, “Fade”, “Mercy”, the Jessie Reyez-assisted “Rush”, and “Tough”. They all did mediocre in Scotland and made zero impact in the United Kingdom and around the world, with the slight exception of the number 39 peak “Tough” received in Ireland. One can imagine his label getting impatient with his lack of being a breakout success. Then came “Grace”. 

“Grace” first appeared on the Official Singles Chart Top 100 on 10.04.2018, at number 98. It very slowly fluctuated on the chart before hitting its peak of number nine on 30.05.2019, more than a year after the song initially made the chart. 

This started a streak of singles from Capaldi that not only peaked high, but were also embraced by radio stations and listeners for a long time. His flagship international hit, “Someone You Loved”, spent seven weeks at number one and 72 weeks and counting on the Official Singles Chart Top 100. Two more of his songs continue to chart: “Bruises” entered at number 95 in February of 2019, peaked at number 6, and holds onto the number 77 spot on 21.05.2020. Additionally, “Before You Go”, the international follow-up to “Someone You Loved”, was an immediate success. It began its run in late November of 2019, spent a week at number one, and holds the number 45 spot as of 21.05.2020. 

Lewis Capaldi often jokes that he is a one-hit wonder. While he is self-aware that it will be incredibly tough to get a hit as big as “Someone You Loved”, he has proved to be far from a one-hit wonder. Someone who was struggling on the charts just two years ago is now an international success. 

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