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Record of the Week: "45" by Thomas Dybdahl

This week’s Record of the Week is “45” by Thomas Dybdahl. Simply put, it is a catchy piece of pop music with true meaning. The lyric video is posted below. 

Dybdahl begins the song by describing in the first verse that he is not content with the place where he is currently living. He realizes that so long as he is there, he will “never be free”.

By the chorus, the listener hears Dybdahl thinking about what he will be like as his life progresses if he stays in his current situation. He notes by the time he is 45 years old, he’ll have “nothing to show for”, “nowhere to go”, and “with a broken soul”. Make no mistake from the up-tempo beat and catchy melody; Dybdahl sings about a real problem and a real fear which is lingering in his mind. 

In the second verse, listeners will sense a glimmer of hope for Dybdahl. In it, he sings about striving to live a better, more successful life by escaping his current living situation. The song finishes without closure of if he does end up leaving, relying on repeated choruses instead. Having said that, the lack of closure is understandable given Dybdahl is only 41 years old, four years away from being 45. 

The strongest element of “45” is its chorus, both lyrically and melodically. By the end of the song, listeners will almost certainly be well acquainted to the lyrics and melody of the chorus. With the entire song being accompanied by instrumentation that is both intricate and enjoyable, it is easy to imagine many will make “45” a repeat listen.