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Listening To RADIO Locale Using Alexa

Updated: May 25

Technology is constantly evolving. As a direct result, listeners are provided with more ways to listen to music. Listeners can still go to a store to find new records…or they could simply say “Alexa, play music” from the comfort of their couch.

For those who are unaware, Alexa is a voice assistant created by Amazon that drives the use of their line of home speakers. They vary largely in size and price, allowing listeners to be able to choose from multiple options. 

Alexa is able to hear a human voice and process it to fulfill the command. By connecting a music streaming service to Alexa, listeners are able to listen to a wide library of songs. For example, connecting an Amazon Music account allows Alexa to play any song on Amazon, provided the listener has an account. 

The success Amazon has had with Alexa has caused other tech giants, such as Apple, Google, and Facebook, to enter this sector. This has also impacted the success of third-party music streaming services, such as Spotify and Deezer, as those services are able to be played through the smart speakers. With artists and record labels getting paid if their song is streamed on one of these services, they have also been able to benefit off Alexa’s success. Finally, radio stations have benefitted when listeners ask Alexa to stream a radio station.

To conclude, Alexa is both convenient for consumers and financially beneficial for companies in the music industry. With Amazon consistently adding new products and updating old ones, it is easy to assume the smart speakers will continue to be a part of the industry for some time to come. 

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